Behind the scenes, Curtain’s mission is to offer outstanding insight into the lives of art curators internationally.

The magazine aims at answering questions about art curators, focusing on these personalities who are often multitasking in the midst of the contemporary art action and exhibition making. 

Curators: who are they? How did they become curators? How do they work? What games do they play? What books do they read, and what drinks do they like? Curtain wants to know.

Curtain Magazine is an online publication with four articles per month put together by art writer and critic Cristina Sanchez-Kozyreva.

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Launched in January 2020 by the digital platform for curators Artpool, Curtain’s editorial is independent from the Artpool.

Editor-in-Chief: Cristina Sanchez-Kozyreva

Main Columns


Different forms of interviews with curators, always focusing on one curator at a time. For example, in Work & Play we ask a curator to answer a set of questions in order to better understand who they are, and to learn how they balance work and life. In Chronicle, we look back at the main events of their life and career together, because we are curious about what defined the kind of curators they are today. 

Curators Lifestyle

These features include one or more curators, and cover travel tips, art events reports, and our environment at large, i.e. pieces on the connections between design, history, literature, and contemporary art. In here, we read places through the eyes of curators, acknowledging that the art world is a globe-trotting industry, where friendships are formed on the road, and where more often than not, we stop traveling for tourism and do so only for “work”.

The Ropes

Articles on the work itself, including outlines of a particular curatorial position, pieces asking about the ways curators work together, or reports on how a particular exhibition was made.